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Hip Hop collective Zoo Babies release their self titled EP

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Hip Hop collective Zoo Babies release their self titled debut EP as a FREE download  available now via their website

– The collective consisting of Fateh, Noyz, Villa DT, Babbu & B-Magic hailing from Toronto, Canada have combined their individual talents in this new 10 track EP.  The EP features the production by Noyz, J-Statik, Violinder and more. B-Magic told’s Manpal Rana that “the project really speaks for itself….5 dudes …5 different styles…5 different upbringings…..the 1 thing that unites us is Hip Hop and our love for it. It’s something new and refreshing….proving to the world that Punjabi kids can do hip hop music without the cliche desi vibe.” A music video for the track “Where Ya At” was released early October directed by The Archery Club.

1. One Two – Produced by Noyz
2. World Tour – Produced by Hippie Sabotage
3. Interlude (Twerk)
4. Where Ya Going – Produced by 6 Fingers
5. Nada – Produced by KinG!
6. Bullies feat. Sunny Malton – Produced by Rbe
7. Just Chillin – Produced by Noyz
8. Interlude (No Tastebuds)
9. Taking Pictures – Produced by Violinder
10. Dinka – Produced by byG Byrd
11. Say What – Produced by J-Statik
12. The Zoo – Produced by J-Statik

Music & Lyrics
A. Singh/B. Singh/F. Singh/G. Singh/V. Singh
Recording and Mixing
J-Statik for 1130 Studios
Lacquer Channel Mastering
Art Direction and Photography
The Archery Club

Watch the OFFICIAL “Where Ya Going” music video below!

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