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Gitta Bains returns with ‘Roj Shaam nu’ ft Gangis khan

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Digital Records proudly presents, the highly anticipated track Roj Shaam Nu featuring Gitta Bains alongside Gangis Khan aka Camoflauge.


Gitta Bains is no stranger to the music industry; a well-respected artist who has shared his voice globally and has performed with some of the biggest names this industry has to offer. Coming off 2 hit singles with the queen Miss Pooja, Gitta Bains in a recent interview was quoted saying how extremely thrilled he was about this track. The Toronto based record label Digital Records brought forward a new insight, angle and vision which immediately appealed as a project that Gitta wanted to be a part of.

Gangis Khan aka Camoflauge, recognized as one of the most intricate lyricists, shows his versatility in rapping and singing on this track. Many artists are one dimensional, but the element which Gangis Khan brings forth sheds new life onto the track with each verse. Recognized 2nd to Drake in downloads in Canada, having performed across India earlier this year, and most recently featured on tracks with the Canadian Phenom Deep Jandu, collaborating Gangis Khan with Gitta Bains on this track was a no brainer.

Extensive hours were spent shooting in various far sought locations with military based equipment, and the storyline without giving it away, is one of a kind, unique concept, of what Soldiers/Militants face in reality. The duo of Gitta Bains and Gangis Khan, along with the cinematography of Mr. PI, makes Roj Shaam Nu one of the hottest releases to wrap up #2013!

Watch the official video for Roj Shaam Nu by Gitta Bains here

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