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Gin & Rees love Laila

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We are excited to share our brand new TV commercials with you just in time for the festive season. Our adverts take a quick glance into the average cooking day of lots of busy ladies. Our chef whipped up some delicious meals which are showcased in the ads (recipes for which are available on


Gin and Rees created a great remix of the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan classic, Sanu Teh Changa exclusively for the Laila commercial.

We have had the great privilege to have our song featured on the new Laila foods TV Commerical please check it out.. this is a great honor for us.

After many years of creating music behind the scenes, producing duo Gin and Rees released their debut single ‘Sanu Teh Changa’ back in August 2012. Featuring the beautiful lyrics of the musical genius Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Gin and Rees not only managed to pay homage to the maestro of qawalli, but managed to find a vocalist that truly does justice to the Ustad. The track is available now and features the soulful vocals of India based singer Aslam Ali. Creating music is in their blood and Sanu Teh Changa’, shows off their musical vision and talents. With a beautiful melody that perfectly complements the heart-wrenching lyrics, this track will, without doubt, melt and steal hearts.

And if you have forgotten what Sanu Teh Changa sounds like, then listen to it below

Sanu Teh Changa released worldwide on 23rd August 2012 via iTunes, Google Play & Amazon MP3.

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