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From the RDB School can OMG live up to expectations?

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Born and raised in England and Punjab, OMG emerged into the musical entertainment scene some 10 years ago all as separate artists. OMG consists of 3 very different artists, Pips, Nee2 and N.S Chuahan. Pips been the producer, Nee2 been the percussionist and N.S. Chuahan been a vocalist. Pips and Nee2 both bought up in North of England are the first generation of their family to get involved in the music scene. Both Pips and Nee2 started work for the world famous RDB camp as Dholis and DJs. NS Chauhan however was raised in Punjab and is from a religious family Background. Chauhan’s musical talent comes from his father who taught him the tabla, vaja and kirtan. Chauhan has also released a solo album in 2006 and done many collaborations with some known artists such as RDB and many more.







OMG originally joined the RDB camp as percussionists, writers and singers. Overtime OMG worked endless hours on his musical career by learning to play different types of indian instruments such as the Dhol, Dholki, Keyboards etc. This then lead them to record percussion’s, music pieces on home made mixes. From this OMG joined RDBs music production school where Manjeet Ral helped him develop his musical talent and production skills to a high level.

OMG always tried to stay behind the scenes and out of the lime light which is a difficult task for such talented individuals. OMG preferred to develop and work with up and coming artists by doing ghost production work and engineering. In 2008 they they were approached by RDB to become their tour team. This was the biggest break thru of their career and they knew they couldn’t turn down the opportunity to tour with RDB. OMG traveled the world including USA, Asia, Europe, Australia performing at gigs with phenomenal crowds, with Pakistan been the best country they ever performed at.

Although they had everything they wanted in terms of a music career, there was always a dream which they wanted to live and that was to put together a boy band. So in 2011 they decided to make this dream a reality. OMG created a new genre of music. The sound which consists of clever use of the percussion’s and music pieces is like no other in the industry. Within time they will have a sound known as the OMG sound. Within their catalog of songs that are still to be released they have songs that will be listened to for generations to come. Coming Soon on A2Z Records.

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