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Singer Foji Gill in custody for Money Laundering

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Foji Gill, the Birmingham-based Bhangra singer has been remanded in custody for being involved in money laundering case.

Known for many Bhangra hits such as ‘Pumbeeri’, ‘Dafa Ho Ja’ and ‘Ek Peg’, Punjabi singer, Foji Gill has been remanded in custody.


The Birmingham-based Bhangra singer is allegedly involved in criminal offences related to money laundering. Born as Manjit Singh Gill in Coventry, West Midlands, the singer started singing at the age of eight and has been part of the Bhangra music scene since 2009.

After releasing his first single ‘Bondhlgai’, Foji then went on to produce popular Bhangra tunes and entertain live audience in a number of major shows and mela’s in the UK. He has appeared on many British Asian TV and radio shows as a viable and established artist.

Speculation first appeared on social media regarding his criminal conviction, after his Twitter account – @fojigill – was no longer available.

 Vipen Kumar, Managing Director at VIP Records, told DESIblitz that Foji is currently standing trial and has been remanded in custody.

A total of three trials are reportedly under way at the moment for the case. While Foji’s trial has finished, his sentence will not be confirmed until the other two trials have also wrapped up.

Vipen Kumar has revealed that problems for Foji first emerged around seven to eight months ago.

Though Foji claimed he was not involved in the matter, he has since appeared to be very preoccupied dealing with these personal troubles.

But it became more clear that this issue was beginning to take a toll on him, as Foji’s uncle, Bainzy, started approaching VIP Records to book other artists, instead of Foji, to cover for him at shows with his availability being distracted by the case.

With regards to Foji’s career as a singer, a new album produced by Ravi Bal, has been penned for this year.

Foji is also scheduled to appear at mela‘s and shows during the summer, such as the Sandwell and Birmingham Mela in Victoria Park, Smethwick in July 2015. If he is sentenced to jail, everything related to his musical career will come to a halt.

Mr. Kumar told DESIblitz that VIP Records has already funded Foji Gill’s future music projects. But if news of his imprisonment is confirmed, then it’s possible that the company will have to re-evaluate the projects.

Described by Mr. Kumar as ‘committed and creative’, Foji has enjoyed immense success as a Bhangra artist.

With hit singles in the Official Asian Download Chart and popularity of his music videos, Foji has become a well-known figure amongst the British Asian community.

Foji is also an excellent dancer, having spent a great amount of time with Bhangra folk dance group Nachda Sansaar, based in Hockley, Birmingham.

In addition to being a credible and reputable artist, Foji has always come across as the ‘nice guy’ of Bhangra. No doubt the latest news about his alleged crime will come as a major shock to his fans around the world.

As it stands, the outcome of all three cases are pending. Two cases are still being tried and the final sentence for all defendants, including Foji Gill, will be confirmed after all trials have finished.

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