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Essential Bhangra Tunes For Your Wedding – by Saqi Roadshow

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The vastly experienced Saqi Roadshow give us the lowdown on what they believe are the top 5 Essential Bhangra Tunes For Your Wedding experience, see what made the cut and what missed out! Let us know what you think should be on the list:


Djing at weddings and parties is an awesome experience.

Making the biggest day in someone’s life even more memorable!

It is so important that you get it right.


We all know that these days you can hire some speakers, plasma screens and lights, plug in your laptop and HEY! You’re a Dj! Unfortunately it isn’t that simple! You can’t just turn up and play your favourite tunes that you’ve downloaded from some dodgy site. So over the next few weeks I will be pulling from all my experience of over 25 years in the Uk Asian music scene. Firstly as a musician with some legendary Bhangra bands and then as a co owner, producer and Dj of Saqi Roadshow. There is NO substitute for experience.

So which tracks are going to work?? This is always a difficult questions as we entertain for such a diverse client base. In this Blog I’ll be looking at my 5 biggest Bhangra dance tunes. It’s such a hard task as there are so many awesome tracks that always work.

No. 5: Surjit Bindrakia – Tera Yaar Bolda – from the album Phulkari

This track was released in January 2001. The tumbi riff at the start of this track is so easily identifiable, whenever I play this song, you will almost always see guests literally running into the Dancefloor from all corners. The real buzz for me as the DJ is when I turn the volume down in the chorus and the whole Dancefloor is shouting TERA YAAR BOLDA!

No. 4: Panjabi MC – Kori

This song capture the very essence of a wedding back in a punjabi village. The raw vocals and the exhilarating beats. This is a track I play toward the beginning or my wedding set as I know the Women tend to go crazy with their Kikli. It’s just the atmosphere required for a jammin floor. A masterpiece by PMC.

No.3: Saqi Roadshow feat Mangal Singh – Rail Gaddi

I am so trying to be impartial here! Hence why this is at 3 not at number 1. There are always going to be arguments for and against original tracks. I love the original of this song and am still a massive fan of Mangal Singh and Chirag Pechan, however when we produced this for the current sound, with deeper bass and heavy percussion. Rail Gaddi is always going to work. The best one we have had was a wedding reception in a marquee at Longleat safari park. The park was open as usual, so when the wedding guests went out of the marquee it was hilarious as visitors to the park were trying to join in as well.

No.2: Balvir Boparai – De De Gerra

I heard this song at a relatives wedding in India before it became big here. In Punjab everyone was so crazy about the track. Fast forward a couple of months and we had it requested at a time when not many people had heard it here. It was an instant smash hit! If we’re ever at a function where the crowd is a bit lets say ‘reserved’ “De de Gerra” never fails. The energy, the lyrics, the beat, the giddha, guarantee to smash the Dancefloor. Still played without fail at 99% of our gigs.

No.1: Sukshinder Shinda – Khushian

The party Dj industry is all about entertaining at special occasions, Sukshinder Shinda has captured that perfectly in this song. So many singers / producers / Djs have come out with Khushian tracks, but they never hit the mark as Shinda has set the bar so high. The catch line , so simple! We will almost always start our parties with this track!


Other tracks that just missed out:

Das Ja – Dj Sanj
Gabru – Honey Singh
Lak 28 – Honey Singh
Johal Boliyan – Kulvinder S Johal
Fitteh Moo – PBN
Captain Bhangre Da – Dalkit Mattu
Nachdiya aller Kuwariya – Diljit
Mera Mahi Tu Pateya – Lember Hussainpuri
Morni – PMC
Sadi Gali – RDB
Mubarak – Moneyspinner
Kan Kar – Cloud 9

I could go on and on and on and…. On….

Look out for more of my ramblings on bhangra music, dj’ing, and more…  |  Saqi Roadshow Facebook  |  Saqi Roadshow Twitter


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