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Electronic Folk Fusion – Digi-Bhang goes live!

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International DJs and renowned folk musicians mix it up for a night of new music and culture at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Combining Indian folk music, ‘Bhangra’, with contemporary electronics and traditional influences, Digi-Bhang Live! is an ambitious new music showcase featuring talented musicians of Asian and Scottish backgrounds.


DJ/Production outfit Tigerstyle have been creating waves within the music industry for years, pioneering their unique music genre as DJs at sell-out gigs around the world. Their first live performance – featuring collaborative artists, musicians and special guests – promises to be something extraordinary.

“Tigerstyle subvert Bhangra convention time after time, throwing a tumbi, a flute and some dhol drums into the Tardis and sending it into the future.” Nihal, Radio 1

As Bhangra music has grown in popularity with international audiences, some believe the sound has become generic and stale. Digi-Bhang Live! seeks to challenge modern day Bhangra music, what it is, where it came from and its potential future.

Pops, of Tigerstyle said:

“Over the past year or so we have been working on progressing sound of British made Bhangra music. Taking exciting contemporary genres like EDM and Dubstep, and fusing them with electronically manipulated North India folk sounds we have created Digi-Bhang. The ambition to take this music LIVE is a rousing challenge as it involved electronic, folk and classical elements.”

Bhangra musicians Paragon Ensemble, Dev Pabla and Ryan Singh join Tigerstyle alongside Scottish folk musicians Michael Bryan, Kevin O’Neill and Iain MacLeod; Asian recording artists Nav Sidhu, Ishmeet Narula and DJs Harri and Bobby GTown Desi. More guests to be announced.

Tigerstyle are a Scottish Bhangra DJ/Production outfit from Glasgow from a British Punjabi background. They are made up of two brothers, Raj and Pops, trained in classical tabla, gurmat sangeet and various forms of Punjabi folk music and instrumentation. Coming from a traditional background where religious adherence was the call of the day and learning to play instruments from a young age so that they could perform at their local temple have now turned this young Sikh outfit into the most sought after act. They have been releasing music since 2000 on various independent music labels and have provided music for theatre, film and the games industry. They have also performed at many prestigious events, including Electric Proms (BBC TV), Desi DNA (BBC TV), Anglo-Sikh Heritage week (Tower of London) and the Village India Festival, sharing stages across the globe, with internationally renowned artists such as; Lily Allen, Talvin Singh, Damian Marley, Jay Sean, Toy Selectah, NitinSawhney, The Dub Pistols, Fun-Da-Mental, Misty in Roots, Gunjan, Asian Dub Foundation, Badmarsh&Shri, Truth Hurts, Panjabi MC, Future World Funk, Raghav, Johnny Kalsi & The Dhol Foundation, Semtex, Nihal from BBC Radio 1, Panjabi Hit Squad and Bobby Friction on BBC Asian Network.

One of the leading contemporary music ensembles in Scotland, the Paragon Ensemble has evolved over the last 30 years and now runs a highly dynamic music and dance programme. Paragon is an inclusive music company inspiring people to create and perform their own music. Passionate about using music, dance, theatre and the arts as a dynamic medium to raise learning, positive self-image, teamwork, communication and people’s aspirations.

Michael Bryan is a guitarist hailing from Strathkanaird, seven miles north of Ullapool. Trained in classical violin and steeped in the musical traditions of his native land he has toured extensively throughout Scotland, Europe and North America and is much in demand as a freelance educator.

Kevin O’Neill is a wooden flautist native to Rutherglen of Irish descent, schooled initially in the Glasgow branch of Comhaltas and known best for his live performances with the Treacherous Orchestra. He is also much in demand as one of the most highly sought after live audio engineers in the traditional music scene in Scotland.

Iain MacLeod, mandolinist and composer, is best known for his work with renowned ‘acid croft’ pioneers Shooglenifty. As a founding member and composer with the group, he helped to re-define Scottish traditional dance music for a new generation with a series of ground-breaking albums. Iain has performed at prestigious venues all over the world, including the Sydney Opera house, Berlin Concert Hall and many top international festivals including Womad and the Sydney Olympic Arts festival. His compositions have appeared extensively on television and radio worldwide and have been recorded by artists as diverse as Sharon Shannon and Afro Celt sound system.

Nav Sidhu is a vibrant young vocalist hailing from Chandigarh in Punjab, who has trained under the guidance of his father Nirmal Sidhu, a household name amongst Bhangra audiences worldwide. Nirmal Sidhu is a very successful Singer and Music Director who has contributed to Punjabi music over the last 30 years. Nav has an MA in music and has been preparing his solo debut album, composed by his father alongside Tigerstyle and has made numerous trips to Glasgow to record his upcoming material.

Ishmeet Narula represents the coming of age brand of Indian musicians who are classically trained and love to experiment with sound, melody and voice texture. Born in India, Ishmeet has captured hearts of many with her melodious voice and trend breaking style. She has graced numerous shows and events all over the globe including U.S.A, Canada, U.K. and India.

The live performance will run from 10.30 pm until midnight, with a club night to follow.

Audio  samples can be found below:

Digi-Bhang Live is part of the Made in Scotland 2013 showcase

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