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RDB – We Doin It Big – We doing it FREE

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Back in November 2012 RDB brothers Manj and Surj released “We Doin It Big, featuring 34 of the UK’s biggest musical sensations, for a never before seen collaboration on one definitive track. Talents include Harjog Singh, Jazzy B, Jassi Sidhu, Juggy D, Apachi Indian, PBN, DJ Sanj, Bups Sagu, Dr Zeus, Balwinder Safri, JK, Shin DCS, H Dhami, Jaz Dhami, OMG, UDN, Jind Mahi, Binder Pasla, Herbie Sahara, Surinder Rattern, Metz ‘n’ Trix, Panjabi MC, KE, Culture Shock, JD, DJ AK, Paul, Bunny, Dholi Tanveer, Rana, Baadshah, and The Frame Lab, who join forces with RDB.

We Doin It Big was released as a tribute to Kuly the third RDB brother, who sadly passed away on 22nd May 2012. I believe this was one of the last songs Kuly worked on.

Earlier today RDB announced they will be making a version of this song available featuring Nindy Kaur, to download for free through Soundcloud. You can listen to We Doin It Big below, and hit download your own copy from Soundcloud.

We are still waiting for more news on the upcoming collaboration between RDB and T-Pain , with the single Daddy Da Cash, following the announcement just before the MTV India Video Music Awards 2013 (VMAI), and RDB and T-Pain‘s subsequent performance at the awards ceremony.


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Whilst writing this piece Nindy Kaur let me know they have also made available RDB‘s album “Vaisakhi” which was released back in 2007 as Three Records debut release, as a gift to all their fans over the years. You can listen to each song on the album below and download them from Soundcloud.

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As soon as we have more information on RDB‘s Daddy Da Cash featuring T-Pain we will let you know.

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