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Rapper DMC & UV Collaborate with Jeeti for ‘Come On Baby’

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Birmingham based rapper DMC is set to launch his second single ‘Come on Baby’ with UV and music by the one and only Jeeti who is responsible for a string of hits in the music industry over the past decade.


DMC known as Dips developed an interest in music from a young age being influenced by Bollywood from his young days. As DMC grew up he was inspired by the Don Raja, Apache Indian and Cheshire cat where he began to mix Bhangra and rap. He went on to writing his own raps performing at family functions and small events where he was appreciated for his talent. He went on to university and began focusing on his education when he met with the one of Bollywood’s biggest rappers Hard Kaur who pushed DMC to get back to writing and rapping. She ignited that passion back in him and he followed through with his debut single in 2013 called ‘Visa’.

This rapper isn’t just a run of the mill act, he boasts to know his music and plays several different musical instruments including Harmonium, Tabla and Dholki. DMC is set to release his second single which is a more international sound and steering away from the traditional Bhangra feel. Come On Baby is produced by Jeeti who has already given some very successful hits in his career from Mera Mahi Tu Pateya, Jukebox Medley and most recently Tappe with Lakhwinder Wadali. Jeeti being one of the underdogs of the Bhangra Music industry has gone for a different route of a more club sound which will appeal to a global audience.

Watch the teaser here:

Come On Baby releases 11th December 2014 via iTunes, Google Play & Amazon MP3. It is available to Pre-Order from here.

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