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Dj Unk collaborates with Dj Sanj, Nihal, Taz (Stereonation), Lost Stories and Dirty Mob

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On September 20th, 2013 the media witnessed the first play release of multiplatinum artist Dj Unk’s single “Have a Toast“. Present at the vip media event was also Dj Sanj a multi-talented producer and dj from the U.K. and Taz – Stereo Nation also from the U.K.

Speaking about the international collaboration was Nick Rajsakha and Robert Thorn ( EEG Talent and Nimbus Universal Records ). Nick described the collaboration as-

A true collaboration, bringing together not only a diversity of talent, but also culture and genre’s in music.


Recognizing the growing and dominating presence between mainstream artists and South Asian artists, Nick also commented about the recent crowning of Miss America being of Indian heritage; Unk is publicly requesting a collaboration with Miss America Nina Davuluri to appear in his next music video.

The press conference centred around 6 re-created and collaborated versions of Unk’s; Have a Toast hit single ( Dj Sanj, Taz-StereoNation, Dirty Mobb, Lost Stories and Dj Nihal ). Each version showcasing the universal power and common language to music.


Unk spoke of his humble appreciation for the life he is and is about to lead today. ” A second chance at life” – Unk.Having suffered a heart attack a few years ago, Unk slowed his life down to focus more on his family. Unk explains; The definition of ‘Have a Toast‘ “is to celebrate life, it is not a statement of partying or drinking to enjoy life”.

Engineered by Nick and Robert ( co – managers and record label executives ), Unk recognised the collaboration as a chance for to re-emerge into the market, with the right people. Guided by Nick and Robert and tapping into the South Asian market is the perfect playground to begin his re-birth into the scene.

The press conference heard the announcement of future projects for Unk; including collaborations with Sonu Nigam, and signing to one of America’s power talent management companies CEG Talent.

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