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Throwback Track – DJ Sanj and Sardara Gill – Bas Kar

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Back in 2011 DJ Sanj got together with Sardara Gill, of Bhujhangy Group and Apna Sangeet fame, to reproduce one of Surjit Bindrakhia‘s biggest songs “Bas Kar“. Now for one using a top vocalist like Sardara Gill to sing one of another top vocalists songs is a big ask. Secondly, even trying to reproduce such a big famous song is also a risk. However DJ Sanj and Sardara Gill did it justice. Now I don’t think it is better than the original, but in its own way it is a well done track.


Now originally this track came up on my playlist and I decided to write about it, and having listened to Bas Kar a few times, I also ended up listening to the rest of the Mixtape entitled “Rewind“.

[toggle style=”closed” title=”Dj Sanj – Rewind Tracklisting”] Bas Kar – DJ Sanj & Sardara Gill
Challan Pakhiyan – DJ Sanj & Balwinder Safri
Yaadan Teriyan (Feat. BBSR) – DJ Sanj & Mangal Singh
Boli Pauni (Resurrection Remix) – DJ Sanj & Soni Pabla
Challan Pakhiyan (J-Nas Remix) – DJ Sanj & Balwinder Safri


A 5 track release featuring Sardara Gill. Balwinder Safri, Mangal Singh and Soni Pabla all brought together by DJ Sanj. All in all a quality release by MovieBox.

You can purchase Dj Sanj’s Rewind on iTunes.

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