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Digi-Bhang Live! Watch our pick of the live performance videos

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Self-proclaimed intergalactic future folk fusion, and who are we to argue? Tigerstyle lift their critically acclaimed Digi-Bhang album out of the studio and send it hurtling into a live genre-bending cacophony of sound. Other Asian artists have hinted, promised and even threatened but in typical Tigerstyle fashion, Raj and Pops have gone ahead and done it minus the all-out boasts that they would.


There’s not much else to comment on the album or tracks themselves (check our album review if you missed it)– if you weren’t lucky enough to be there in person, here are the best videos from one incredible night of music:

The current hit off the album, “Dhi Punjab Di“, with vocals by the talented Ishmeet Narula was one of the highlights of the night: a slice of Five River folk in the heart of Edinburgh that shouldn’t really work in these surroundings but does.

Surely maturing like a fine wine, over the past few months “Ik Banere” has slowly morphed into the unofficial downtempo ‘song of choice’ for UK bhangraheads. You could also almost swear you heard it playing at sunset at Ibiza’s legendary Café del Mar. Until then, this is how it sounds live:

Kudi” – the EDM/dance music monster from the album that’s light years ahead of its scene counterparts gets turned into a throbbing soundscape that wouldn’t be out of place at a club event ten times this size. Again Ishmeet’s vocals soar, lifting the track with them.

Finally the b-boy nodding “Ay-Ha!” features Nav Sidhu supporting Ishmeet on vocals. Although the female vocal seems slightly strained on this live version, the sheer energy of the performance more than compensates creating a musical maelstrom similar to a Basement Jaxx or M.I.A live gig.

With Tigerstyle’s native Scotland being treated first to this live showcase launch pad, it can only mean London and Birmingham might be lucky enough to be next.



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