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Debut Singer Sab-B hits the number 1 spot on World iTunes Chart!

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Debut Singer Sab-Breached the number one spot on the world iTunes chart in under 12 hours of release.  The new act from Birmingham is over the moon with the response.


Sab-B on reaching the number one spot with debut single ‘Sangdi’:

I can’t quite believe it, it’s such an amazing feeling that your whole team efforts have paid off.  I would like to thank everyone for supporting and appreciating the efforts. I hope the fans are ready for music in the future.

Sangdi the debut song has already been play listed across worldwide radios and already charting as track of the week in stations in USA and Canada.  The video has been now televised across UK, USA, India and Dubai.

Sab-B has been singing since the age of 8 year old where it started as a hobby, but over the last 10 years his hobby turned into a passion. Over this period his teacher and mentor Inda Bains has been training Sab-B on his vocals and also playing the harmonium. Sab-B is a rare debut artist who has worked and grafted to get to a level of perfection before taking his music to the public.


Sab –B born and raised in Wolverhampton started planning his album and song selection two years back and has been blessed to work and learn from not only IndaBains but also Satinder Kala from USA who has helped Sab-B select songs for his project. Late Satinder Kala was responsible for working on songs like Tera Roop – Jazzy B, Gal Sunja – Sukshinder Shhinda. other writers who will feature on the album are Sanj Meghowal and Gurminder Maddoke who was the main writer for Sab-B‘s idol The Late Soni Pabla.

Sangdi is an energetic Bhangra song which will for sure get everyone in the party mood with the infectious Bhangra beats and Sab-B’s raw Punjabi vocals.

Watch the official video to Sangdi here.

Sangdi is available for download via iTunesGoogle Play & Amazon MP3.


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