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Coke Studio @MTV Season 3 – Episode 8

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 Coke Studio@MTV, is an Indian television series featuring live music performances. As a concept, Coke Studio is a confluence of diverse music genres, both vocal and instrumental, from traditional eastern to modern western and from regional to folk. It embodies a musical fusion of exciting elements and diverse influences. Bringing alive the magic of live recordings and performances.


Coke Studio @MTV Season 3 will focus on showcasing diversity and innovation through eight unique episodes, with different producers and incredible musicians.The season will among others feature Amit Trivedi, Clinton Cerejo, Hitesh Sonik and Papon, Ram Sampat, Salim- Sulaiman, Aman- Ayan and Devika, RDB, GV Prakash, Vijay Prakash, Maati Bani, and the legendary A R Rahman.

Coke Studio promises to bring alive a magical experience for the music lovers by dwelling on “PURE” Innovation to offer a musical concoction.

Adi & Suhail’s music is the new face of Indian fusion music. On this performance of the track ‘Qalandar‘, they manage to bring together a beautiful mix of a traditional western band setup of guitar, bass and drums, sitting under the sublime vocal and sarangi arrangement of Suhail Yusuf Khan. They collaborate with Tarun Balani and Gaurav Balani on a performance where they truly manage to meld the most exciting elements of Hindustani classical music with a modern sense of breakbeat music, played on live instruments.

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Vijay Prakash is perennial favorite here at Coke Studio@MTV. This year he wears the Producer’s hat, with this composition. The song titled ‘Hamsika Iyer‘ has all the components of a beautiful arrangement. As much as on his other performances, on this one he truly soars with Carnatic vocal backing by Hamsika Iyer.

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The winner of this year’s contest Leap Frog to Coke Studio@MTV, with Blue Frog, Winit Tikoo is an artist who’s an excellent representation of contemporary music in the Indian independent scene today. The theme of the song is rain, which Winit says, ‘make him go paagal’. His intense and powerful vocals bring this thought to life in a very beautiful way, on this original composition.

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Sonam Kalra turns in a incredible performance of a beautiful farsi-poem on this track called ‘Man Manam‘, on this season of Coke Studio@MTV. Her music is equal parts sufi inspired, and contemporary. This performance is sure to win her a lot of new fans.

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Orange Street are veterans of the Indian independent music scene, and one of the first bands to introduce a fusion sounds to their legendary live sets. Audiences who have followed them would be familiar with their song ‘Naash‘, that they’ve performed here. On this season of Coke Studio@MTV, they manage to further hype up the fusion element of their sound, with Imran Khan bringing a strong performance on Indian classical vocals, and Sajid Khawra on dhol!

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Rajasthan Roots are in every sense of the word, a ‘celebration’. Known to bring a surreal energy to all their performances, it’s interesting to watch as they take center stage on this special performance on Coke Studio@MTV Season 3, where they collaborate with renowned independent producer Func. Func’s influences are from his stage time with Shaa’ir + Func & Pentagram, and his many other projects. Sung by the effervescent Kutle Khan, Aditya Bhasin, Bismila Khan along with Nancy Aren Ao, this one is a scorcher.

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