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Bups Saggu to release new upbeat track ‘Milky’ ft Jati Cheed

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Bups Saggu - Milky

VIP Records will be releasing Bups Saggu’s new track, “Milky”, on the 9th of August, 2012. The single will be available for purchase on iTunes and other trusted online retailers. The music video, which incorporates the pair’s comedic sides, will be released shortly after. “Milky” is the second single from Saggu’s upcoming album Global. The new track features Jati Cheed, a seasoned vocalist who has paired with Saggu on previous projects such as “Why This Kolaveri Di (Party Mix),” as well as “Intezaar Nahi” and “Vang Chanke” from Saggu’s solo debut album, Redefined.

Milky” once again showcases Saggu’s musical creativity. Renowned for mixing non-traditional instruments with authentic Bhangra elements, Saggu’s continued success is due to his ability to mesh his musical influences with his personal style. Cheed offers another dimension to his vocal ability with a sound he hasn’t quite shown before. “Milky” is an upbeat track that offers fresh lyrics and original musical composition; a true taste of what Bups Saggu is capable of.

Bups Saggu is one of the hottest British-Asian music producers of the moment following the ample success of his international smash-hit “Punjabi Hurrr.” Not an up-and-coming artist anymore, Saggu has cemented his position in the Bhangra music industry.

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