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Bups Saggu is upto some Hera Pheriyan

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Bups Saggu the artist many will remember for tracks such as the single Punjabi Hurrr, along with Ik Gera, Salute, Matha Tekiya, Come On (Bhangra Paiye), and Photo Rakh Ke from the album Redefined, has been upto some Hera Pheriyan. He is all set to go Global later this month with his first single of 2013.


Given his last album Redefined featured the likes of Shin (DCS), Nachhatar Gill, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Master Rakesh and Miss Pooja, I for one am looking forward to a new album from Bups Saggu in 2013.

If you have not heard Bups Saggu‘s or simply need a reminder then check out a handful of his songs below.

[toggle style=”closed” title=”Bups Saggu – Punjabi Hurrr ft Nirmal Sidhu”][/toggle] [toggle style=”closed” title=”Bups Saggu – Ik Gera ft Shin (DCS)”][/toggle] [toggle style=”closed” title=”Bups Saggu – Salute ft Nachhatar Gill”][/toggle] [toggle style=”closed” title=”Bups Sgagu – Matha Tekhiya ft Lehmber Hussainpuri”][/toggle] [toggle style=”closed” title=”Bups Saggu – Come On (Bhangra Paiye) ft Master Rakesh & Metronome”][/toggle] [toggle style=”closed” title=”Bups Saggu – Photo Rakh Ke ft Miss Pooja”][/toggle]


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