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#BhangraThursdays – Groundshaking or Groundbreaking? – 27th September 2012

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Today see’s the release of the first UK Bhangra Album since 9th August 2012, a shocking yet truly genuine statistic. Thursday 27th September also witnesses the release of many singles, as trends go everyone has had a go on the merry go round. Check out what we thought of them and leave your own opinions and comments below! Read on for a breakdown of each release and don’t forget to purchase the tracks you like from iTunes or other legal download sites!


Today see’s the release of the first UK Bhangra Album since the 9th of August 2012, a shocking yet truly genuine statistic. Today also witnesses the release of many singles, as trends go, everyone has had a go on the merry go round. It’s been a couple of weeks since we reviewed on #BhangraThursdays as last week we had just the one release with Hunterz and the previous week we focused our attention on UK Asian Music Awards 2012 Nominations. The four single releases today see Amrit Saab, Daljit Mattu, Benny Dhaliwal and UDN battling for the much publicised iTunes World Chart No.1 slot. You don’t need a degree in popularity to know which one is currently destroying the charts head and shoulders above the rest.

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Cloud 9 Music – Sky’s The Limit [Album]:
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There is only one way we can sell this album to you, it’s the first album in 2 months, it costs £5.99 and you get 10 tracks for it. now if that doesn’t whet  your appetite the fact we have collaboration of Balwinder Matewaria and Bakshi Billa, not to mention it features the rejuvenated anthemKan Kar Gal Sunwhich statistically  blew away the industry on release in March 2012. It is clear to see a lot of effort has gone into the album from Cloud 9 Music in terms of lyrics, topics and who they have worked with. One of our favourites is the return of Boota Pardesi with ‘Teri Yaad Tor Beghair, a simple yet effective track that does just the right amount to make it a perfect listen. The stand out track most definitely is ‘Sapni Vargi Torh’, which again is vocalled by the beast Bakshi Billa, the song is also being pushed as the next video which should give it the attention it deserves.

If we had to measure this album’s quality and style we would put it alongside MoneySpinner’s ‘Poetry’ and in terms of future potential with Bups Saggu or GV. Albums are like rare gems, they’ll only come around once in a blue moon, when you get the opportunity grasp it with two hands. Enough of the cliche’s, go grab it!

Benny Dhaliwal – Oh Kuri Oh Kuri:
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Oh Kuri Oh Kuri sees Benny mark his return from his stint in Her Majesty’s Prison Service, as the phrase goes he has done the crime and done the time. Now he is back and takes off exactly where he left off, he had a crazy year with tracks such as Teri Meri, Va Vai Va and Kuri Mere Haan Di which were all well received. My personal opinion, he isn’t something I would listen to, but there is no doubting he has talent, he is popular and his tracks are anthems for a reason, he is surely doing something right! In my opinion his best tracks of his career have been De De Dil (which had a weird catchiness to it) and of course the touching and emotional ‘Remember‘ that left many close to tears. The kuri might have been a giddian di rani and shook the ground with her movements, but for me Benny’s return alongside Aman Hayer, is not groundbreaking in terms of creativity. What do I know though? The track is currently at 125 in the iTunes Singles Chart!

Daljit Mattu – Jee Tu Sohniye Jee:
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With all the focus on the Entourage, Daljit Mattu has crept a single in to the day. It’s safe to say this won’t make any impact on the charts, as it  currently lies in 75th place on the iTunes World Chart. You can make your own assumptions as to why that is the case, whether it’s the track, promotion or target audience appeal. Daljit Mattu has always had a very unique vocal, ever since the day of Mauja and Captain Bhangra, his upbeat style has been appreciated on dancefloors globally. This time he may have knocked on the wrong door, trying to showcase his versatility with a slow track. Jeeti’s production is immaculate as usual from the composition, musical instruments to the subtle beat, the vocals and lyrics are of a good standard too. But does this track suit Daljit Mattu and do slow tracks like these really get the attention they deserve? Just got a call from Bhangra, they want the powerful energetic Daljit Mattu of old back!

Amrit Saab – Naag:
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This is one artist i truly feel sorry for, if you released a track and it did not even reach the Top 200 of the iTunes World Chart on the day of release, most of us would call it a day and pack it in. Surely for such an established artist with a great reputation as a writer, you would want to see his track do well. So many people have used him for lyrics, how many of them are supporting or helping him get the word out for his own releases? a big fat zero. The track has been produced by Kam Frantic and has his signature percussion, harmonium and tumbi. According to the press release, this is one of Amrit Saab’s favourite tracks from his forthcoming album, make of that what you want. In hindsight should he not released  his album rather than go with singles that have not performed well at all?

UDN – Glassy:
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This track from UDN does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a feel good party anthem. I still havent figured out who the vocalist is on the track, as it wasn’t mentioned on iTunes or the press release. Actually, i`ve just scrolled to a Facebook status on the UDN page dating 17th August which mentions Charanjeet Channi, so there we go at least they gave a glancing mention and credited the vocalist . When it comes to tracks about drinking, there is only so much uniqueness you can have, UDN have definitely pushed the boundary further with an injection of adrenaline for a track perfect for your mehfils. The production (not sure which of the trio did the music) is sharp as are all releases on the Three Records label. We definitely recommend the addictive ‘Glassy‘ as a purchase!

That is our verdict…. What’s yours? Leave your comments and opinions below, maybe just maybe the artists will take notice!

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