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#BhangraThursdays The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – 2nd August 2012

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With everyone deciding that singles are best released on thursdays, the term #Bhangra Thursdays was coined somewhere in the Bhangra universe. Today we were left with 3 single releases from three unique outfits: Epic Bhangra, ADH & DJ Sanj and Cloud 9 Music. Check out our verdicts and let us know your view on the releases!


With everyone deciding that singles are best released on thursdays, the term #Bhangra Thursdays was coined somewhere in the Bhangra Universe. This week was slightly different though as we had a disjointed release schedule, with Prem Singh releasing ‘Shaal Marke‘ on the 30th of July, Dipps Bhamrah dropping ‘Project: Bhangra‘ on a Wednesday to beat the traffic and get a head start. Today we were left with 3 single releases from three unique outfits.

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Epic Bhangra feat Amar Sandhu – Morni 2012
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First up we have Epic Bhangra who teamed up with Amar Sandhu for a release straight out of the U.S of A! Epic Bhangra has made a name for himself purely out of internet hype to get noticed globally, making great use of Social media and online music websites. He has worked on vocals by Lehmber Hussainpuri, Manjit Pappu and Jelly Manjitpuri to date with a signature identity sound of synth vocals with evident autotune; without the overkill. His new piece titled ‘Morni 2012‘ has the same feel but this time we are treated to a soulful ballad with chilled guitar and flute solos. The track itself isn’t accompanied by a video, which begs the question, how successful could this artist be if he were given a real push? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, North America is sneekily unearthing gems from undiscovered mines, Team GB… we may have a problem!

Cloud 9 Music feat Jaswinder Daghamia – Jee Jee Kareh
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The next release which currently stands at Number 1 on the iTunes World Chart, sees Cloud 9 Music return with their second track ‘Jee Jee Kareh’, from the debut album ‘Sky’s The Limit‘. In our honest opinion, we weren’t totally impressed with the debut single ‘Kan Kar Gal Sun‘ purely because it was a re-release of a classic Amar Singh Chamkila track, but we were proved wrong! It has become a dancefloor anthem and many people have regarded it as one of the singles of the year. The statistics speak for themselves, the track was released back in March with over 220,000 hits on Youtube already.

‘Jee Jee Kareh’ sees the inclusion of one of our favourite vocalists; Jaswinder Daghamia! This track has everything you can ask for, clean instrument pieces from Tumbi’s to beautiful Sarangi bites and another quality yet unchallenging song from Mr Daghamia. The beat is nicely toned and gets your attention, the melody is catchy and the verses have a certain appeal about them. As Cloud 9 are wedding dj’s it was inevitable for them to release something catered for the market they were appealing for. The only thing we would change is the sheep like echo that has been cut from the vocals for effect. This track might not get the same attention as the debut single, but it proves the album is one to watch out for!

ADH feat DJ Sanj – Daroo Charnee
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ADH … What were you thinking? it came as no surprise when the Official Video Promo for ‘Daroo Charnee‘ on Youtube had the following notice: “Comments are disabled for this video.” If you make music, it will be open to review and opinions will be stated. If you upload a video on Youtube you should be prepared to see it being rated, commented on and in some cases video responses posted to it. If you are so scared of the negativity you have received and cant take it on board, what are you doing in the performing arts scene?

His previously released track ‘Boliyan Paake‘ received about as much attention as a camouflaged locust, possibly due to the length of the Official Music Video being sliced to two minutes. So what did ADH return with? Firstly he teamed up with DJ Sanj, which could have been a great idea judging by his success with the refreshing vocals of Jay Status. Sadly it all backfired and here’s why:

There was a lot of talk on our forums about this track, which was originally heard sung by Satwinder Birdi, many people were talking up an anthem. We can only suspect how the arrangement for ADH to vocal this track with DJ Sanj came about. To confuse matters further, DJ Sanj has decided to lift the Specialist/Tru-Skool style embedded on ‘Sahnevaal Chounk‘. So the production inevitably would be good but not creatively his own so to speak. As for the video, we think we have said enough already without degrading the track further, its basically filmed in the same set as the ‘Boliyan Paake‘ video! Do artists not talk to the little man between their ears before releasing such absurd products?

Thats our verdict…. What’s yours? Leave your comments and opinions below, maybe just maybe the artists will take notice!


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