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Bappi Lahiri releases club number Jhoom Jhoom

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The internationally acclaimed music producer, as well as, melodious voice, who has brought you well-known hits such as, Bambai Se Aaya Mera, Dost Oh La La, and most recently The Holi War alongside Jazzy B, is back on the international scene with his most recent release. Today, Bappi Lahiri has officially released his new club/dance track, Jhoom Jhoom. The track has been released by Lotus Records and features Jake the Jewla and Elle Vee.


I wanted a new song, with worldwide appeal, a little Hip-Hop, a taste of R&B, and of course, a pinch of Bollywood.” And this track has just that. Jake the Jewla brings his Hip-Hop swag, as Elle Vee seduces the beat with her vocals. Together in the studio, the three artists have created magic.

Jhoom Jhoom is an upbeat, fast, and high-energy dance track. And the video is nothing less, mixing together some tasteful Bollywood dancers, and Bappi with all his bling.

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