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It’s a Wham Bam Future Shock Bally Sagoo is back

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Bally Sagoo returns with his new album ‘Future Shock’, the long awaited release has finally hit digital stores and music shops. With so much to digest from a mega release, Chakdey.Com give you the lowdown on what to expect!


Since his debut album in 1990, Bally Sagoo has graced us with many hits, and been recognised with many awards. The 90’s saw Bally Sagoo‘s fame rise with albums such as Wham Bam, Star Crazy, Magic Touch and Bollywood Flashback. Every album had a unique signature of Bally Sagoo within the music, and songs from those albums still stand out today. The quality of Bally Sagoo‘s production can be seen throughout his time with Oriental Star Agenices (OSA), and of course with Sony Records, where he had the opportunity to work with stars such us Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Asha Bhosle, and even on tour with Michael Jackson!

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1999 saw Bally Sagoo set up his own label Ishq Records, and saw releases such as Dub of Asia, Rising from the East, Anything but Silent and one of my all time favourites Hanji. The Sag Loops series followed, and Bollywood Flashback 2, which included the hit track Noorie.

The 2000’s saw Bally Sagoo work on music for Bend it like Beckham, Monsoon Wedding, Mistress of Spices, It’s a wonderful afterlife, and who can forget the 2006 punjabi movie Sajna ve Sajna which he not only composed the music for, but also starred in.

Since then Bally Sagoo has been hard at work to not only further develop himself, but also that of other artists. Last year he built a new studio in Mumbai, he feels he can more readily draw on fresh talent he requires for future projects. He now splits his time between the UK and India. 2012 also saw the merger of the business assets of Ishq Records into Fresh Dope Records, the music division of Fresh Dope Industries.

All this hard work brings us to today and Future Shock. It will be a ground breaking product borne out of years of experimentation with new sounds and employing fresh voices performing original Hindi and Punjabi compositions. While the album stays true to his vintage roots, Bally Sagoo feels that it leans more towards the down-tempo and ambient elements that he has slowly developed a fondness for.

We got to hear a glimpse of Future Shock last month with Thori Ji Kori, and now we can listen to the full album Future Shock.

Track listing:

  1. Future Shock Intro
  2. Thori Ji Kori – Bally Sagoo ft Harry Mirza
  3. Marjaana Dil – Bally Sagoo ft Sonu Kakkar
  4. Peg Peg – Bally Sagoo ft Kashmira Qadir
  5. Koi Nahi Hai Mera – Bally Sagoo ft Madhvi Shrivastav
  6. Peeke Nena Cho – Bally Sagoo ft Gurlez Akhtar & Marvin B
  7. Thumke Te Botle Khuldi – Bally Sagoo ft Shaid Khan
  8. Jeena Nahin – Bally Sagoo ft Tamara K. Menon
  9. Naam Poocheya – Bally Sagoo ft Major Singh
  10. Koka – Bally Sagoo ft Madhvi Shrivastav & I.T
  11. Diljaan – Bally Sagoo ft Indrani Bhattacherjee
  12. Sharabi Nene Waliye – Bally Sagoo ft Jagdeep Parwana
  13. Kitha Tenu Pyaar Soneya – Bally Sagoo ft Rupinder Handa & I.T
  14. Heat Of Darkness – Bally Sagoo ft Tamara K. Menon
  15. Thori Ji Kori Bombay Bronx Mix – Bally Sagoo ft Harry Mirza & Rimi Dhar

Future Shock is out now on iTunes.


Editor’s Verdict: This album will not appeal to all. It is a very pure album, with some distinctive styles of music and vocals. If you want to support an artist who has for years given 110% to the asian music industry, then buy this album.

1st listen 8/10. I think the more I listen to this, the more I will like it. It has also prompted me to go back and listen to Bally Sagoo‘s older albums, some of which I have not listened to for years.

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