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Baljit Malwa is back with ‘Pauna Bhangra’ ft Tru-Skool & Kaos Productions

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Currently residing in New York, USA and tracing his roots to the Malwa region of Punjab, ‘Baljit Malwa‘ boasts a spectacular voice that is familiar in every corner of the world where Punjabi’s reside. The powerhouse vocalist is responsible for the ultimate international party anthem ‘Chabi’, the truly heart-wrenching number ‘Maujan’, ‘Pardes’ and a multitude of tracks spanning across three critically acclaimed solo albums. After a brief hiatus ‘Baljit Malwa‘ is gearing up for his return to the industry to remind the world exactly why he created shockwaves through out the industry when he released his debut album.


For this release, ‘Baljit Malwa’ has teamed up with the premier UK based label – ‘Moviebox Records’ who have taken the bold leap of launching the operations in Punjab too. The brand new album by ‘Baljit Malwa’ will be  Moviebox Records inaugural release in Punjab and promises to be the first of many.

For the purpose of this album, production duties have been tasked to none other than award winning Punjabi Folk/Hip-Hop producer ‘Tru-Skool’ and the highly renowned duo Kaos Productions. The veteran ‘Tru-Skool’ requires no introduction boasting a decade in the industry with a long line of Number one hit albums and singles (most recent releases being the international award winning/record breaking album ‘Back to Basics’ with Diljit Dosanjh and the monster single ‘Puth Jattan De’). ‘Kaos Productions’, The artists formerly known as ‘The Dhol Company’, are no strangers to the industry either with a string of cult classic albums under their belt (namely Case of Bass 1, 2, & 3 and the absolute classic Mighty Manak) as well as the hit singles ‘Mundra’ featuring Saini Surinder and ‘Gidhe Vich’ featuring Gurbhej Brar. ‘Tru-Skool’ and ‘Baljit Malwa’ had been in talks for over a year and half as ‘Tru-Skool’ became a fan of ‘Baljit Malwa’ after his debut album release ‘Maujan’. Likewise, ‘Baljit Malwa’ was greatly impressed with Tru-Skool’s work including the monster single ‘Johal Boliyan’ and the album ‘Back to Basics’ and was eager to work with ‘Tru-Skool & Kaos Productions’. The double team of ‘Tru-Skool’ and ‘Kaos Productions’ guarantees that the album will receive the pure Punjabi Folk injection and hardcore Hip-Hop stamp it rightfully deserves creating the perfect blend of pure musically to complement Baljit Malwa’s raw, rough and rugged vocal.

As the old adage goes, first impressions count so what better way to set the precedent for the album then a Punjabi Folk /Hip-Hop stomper entitled ‘Pauna Bhangra‘. This track promises to deliver exactly that – an all out Bhangra frenzy showcasing Baljit Malwa‘s unmistakable and uncompromising vocal over a firing concoction of proper Punjabi folk and hardcore Hip-Hop. With a high quality video directed and edited by Frenzy Film House which superbly encapsulates the energy of the track within the visual. Pauna Bhangra is a taster of what to expect from Baljit Malwa featuring Tru-Skool & Kaos Productions.

Get ready, get set and make some room as the boys are going to dance.

Watch the official teaser here:

Pauna Bhangra will be available for download from 27th March 2014 via iTunesGoogle Play & Amazon MP3.


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