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Anon and T-Minder tease us with Sajna Nu

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After the release of “Mar Javan Geh“, T-Minder has teamed up with Anon production with the single “Sajna Nu“, due to release 25th April 2013.


Anon is a new production team consisting of cousins Dark MC and Angel. Angel, produced some big hits recently including “Chori Chori Takna” and “Jawani 2“. He has also released his own singles with “Mukh Tak Ke” and “Billo“. Between Dark MC and Angel they have worked with the likes of Nirmal Sidhu, and Jaswinder Daghamia, amongst others. Now they have teamed up with T-Minder.

T-Minder is a UK Born classically trained vocalist who has already released “Do Rooha“, “Karle Karle“‘ and “Mar Javan Geh“.

Sajna Nu will be available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon MP3 on 25th April 2013.

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