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Abi Sampa fuses pop music with Indian classical influences

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From a young age Abi Sampa has been passionate about music, learning to play the saxophone and veena when she was only 8 years old! After her parents worried that a career in the music industry would be risky, Abi opted for a career in dentistry.

Now is the time to follow my dream of a career in music.


But now she feels the time is right for her to put down the dentist drill, pick up a microphone and show the world her unique talent. She has her own unique sound, fusing pop music with Indian classical influences. Sounds interesting – we can’t wait to hear more…

I was brought up listening to a mix of Indian classical music and western pop, and I’ve always wanted to see what people would think of my mixing the two extremes.

The performer was selected by judge Danny O’Donoghue on the final blind audition episode of The Voice UK 2013 to take the last place in his team, following her Indian influenced rendition of the Oasis song.

Danny O’Donoghue tells her:

The Asian style of singing is so haunting – you don’t need words to portray feelings and emotion. And for me that’s what I heard.

Sampa’s YouTube page features covers of tracks including Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” and Taylor Swift’s “Trouble”.

Watch Abi Sampa perform “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” below:

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