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8 tracks that should have been massive but weren’t!

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banner brings you 8 tracks we think should have been huge hits but weren’t…


Mauj Baharan by Raja BaathMusic: Honey Singh (Kamlee/Moviebox; Anand Music, India)

Lifted from Raja Baath’s The Crown album, a definite contender for ‘best Honey Singh produced album’, this track wasn’t as big as its predecessor “Chaska” but the vocal, lyrics and some of Honey Singh’s best production work should have catapulted this to dancefloor anthem status. Besides, any video with matching old-skool Adidas tracksuits gets our seal of approval.

Teri Jugni by Surjit KhanMusic: Ravi Bal (Kamlee/Moviebox; T-Series, India)

Why this track was not massive in the UK will remain one of contemporary bhangra music’s big unanswered questions. Surjit Khan has developed into one of the most accomplished singers around, while musically this is an example of why Ravi Bal– although not always acknowledged for it– is one of the best Punjabi music producers out there today. Taken from a smash hit album in India, Headliner 2; this third video from the release criminally caused nothing but a minor ripple in the UK.

Bewafa by Pav Dharia (MV Records, India)

Originally self-released as a free download by a then new producer out of Melbourne, “Bewafa” has since found a new lease of life on Pav Dharia’s recently released My Turn compiled singles’ album. Possibly overshadowed by ‘another track’ of the same name, last month saw Pav’s rousing stadium-style ballad creep up to the 2 million views mark on YouTube. A giant of a track.

Gera by E=MC feat. Sukhdev Darapuria (Kamlee/Moviebox; Planet Recordz, Canada)

Seriously heavy tune from the wilds of Canada– lifted from the album FAUJ and a bit of a cult track in some circles; despite modest success in its homeland, this should have been an explosive hit for real music fans the world over. So perfect in fact, they didn’t even need to make a video for it…

Tung Tung by the Nooran Sisters (Times Music, India)

Bollywood music director Sneha Khanwalkar and her team descend on Punjab for an episode of MTV India’s ear-bending Sound Trippin’ show. Little did they know that the vocals of Jyoti & Sultana Nooran they record would go on to create the magnus opus of Punjabi dubstep, with a little help from a man they call Dub Sharma. The resulting track is something most electronic producers can and will only ever dream of. Although championed by the likes of Bobby Friction, “Tung Tung” sadly remains relatively unknown in the UK outside its niche musical circle.

Rangla Hassa by Yugraj (Universal Music, India)

Now based in Canada, Yugraj has had a number of quality near-misses; starting out with this under-rated title track from his debut India-released album (since followed up by a 2nd strong album and two recent singles, produced by Tigerstyle, for Soldier Sound Recordings). The music video leaves a lot to be desired, especially for a major label, but a killer algozey intro and the sheer energy of the track itself more than compensate.

Neend by Amrinder GillMusic: Sukshinder Shinda (Kamlee/Moviebox; Speed Records, India)

Already a major star in India at the time, “Neend” got playlisted by the BBC Asian Network but failed to replicate its Indian success elsewhere. Best described as quality Punjabi pop, the combination of Sukshinder Shinda’s crisp production, replete with electric guitar, solidified Amrinder Gill as one of Punjab’s premier popular acts. For the rest of the world, Judaa was still a few years away…

Tere Naal Pyar by Amit Rai feat. D-Arry (Moviebox)

Live Wire, Amit Rai’s long awaited comeback album, dented the charts but lost out to other releases on staying power. One of the best albums released that year; its lead track “Tere Naal Pyar”, with its Zeus-like arrangement, zig-zagged up and down the Asian Download Chart for 5 weeks without hitting the Top 10. Despite good reviews and radio play, the song stalled a few weeks after release and deserved to be much bigger.






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