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7 questions for Rav-E direct from the Golden State

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Rising US producer Rav-E talks exclusively to about his brand new single & more!



1. Introduce yourself… 

I go by the name Rav-E and I am a bhangra music producer from California, USA. I have been involved in the music scene as a DJ and dhol player for quite some time, but more recently as a music producer. Aside from my involvement in music, I am a Law student and an avid soccer (i.e. football to the rest of the world) player!

2. So did you learn to play the dhol professionally?

I had the opportunity to learn from Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti Ji, the same individual who taught dhol to Sukhshinder Shinda, Aman Hayer, and countless other musicians around the world. My training with Ustad Ji was not only limited to the dhol but has given me a solid background in Punjabi folk music in general. Working with Ustad Ji really allowed me to develop an ear for music and a greater appreciation for Punjabi music as an art form.

3. How did you get into music production?

Growing up I was surrounded by multiple musical influences, ranging from my father who was an aspiring singer, to being a percussionist in school bands. Over the years I’ve had many experiences and opportunities to link with talented and hardworking individuals who have guided me towards learning and improving my craft one way or another. At the end of the day, I feel my transition into becoming a music producer was a seamless and logical decision. 

4. Your new single, “Punjabi”, features the legendary Surinder Shinda on vocals, how did the collaboration come about?
Releasing a track with Surinder Shinda is a dream come true. He is a legendary folk artist whose contributions have paid dividends to Punjabi music. After the passing of Kuldip Manak, I felt that more recognition needed to be given to the legendary artists that came before us. I noticed Shinda Ji hadn’t released a mainstream bhangra track in quite some time. So, a little more than a year ago I came up with the concept for the track and obtained some lyrics from a writer in Punjab. I then got in contact with Shinda Ji who agreed to collaborate on the track. Once the track was complete, he came to California and we shot the video. Overall, it was an amazing experience working with him. He is a true professional and an extremely down to earth person. I enjoyed having the opportunity to spend time with him and hear about his experiences and his many old stories. He also provided me with some words of wisdom that I will never forget!
Surinder Shinda on the video shoot for “Punjabi” in California

Surinder Shinda on the video shoot for “Punjabi” in California

5. What’s your favourite track right now?

To be honest, I’m STILL bumpin’ “The Folk King”. It’s an amazing and the ultimate tribute to the late Kuldip Manak Ji, one of the best Punjabi folk singers of all time! I’m sure it goes without saying that the track was produced by Aman Hayer and features a whole host of great singers on it.

6. Tell us about the bhangra scene in California… 

Well it’s been in existence for a number of years. In regards to bhangra as a dance, California has a reputation for producing some of the best bhangra teams in North America, and for holding excellent competitions that promote the culture. In regards to bhangra music, I would say it’s still in its early stages but a handful of talented artists are slowly beginning to emerge and showcase their skills to the world, so watch this space…

7. You’ve also featured Ashok Gill on one of your past releases, who would be your ultimate music collaboration?

I have a long list of artists that I would like to collaborate with, but if I had to pick one Asian artist it would have to be JK. I am a big fan of his vocal ability and charisma towards Punjabi folk. I would also love to work with r’n’b artist Ryan Leslie. He is a very gifted and knowledgeable musician and I think it would be an amazing learning experience to get into the studio with him.

“Punjabi”, feat. Surinder Shinda, is out now on Soldier Sound Recordings. Buy your copy here

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